Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bam! It Hits Me!

Well, this doesn't involve Tuvalu, but I got up early and took a shower (two things I hate to do together, but I needed to wake up) and an idea for a story hit me much like the hot water from the shower head. The story dropped in pieces into my brain like individual water droplets landing on my skin.

I pieced it together and wrote it out in outline form today. I'm kind of excited about it. I haven't had a story form so well, nor come so quickly since.. well, I don't know when. I'm not sure if it was the quiet moments shortly after waking from dreamland, or just that the idea came to me and it was good.

It was not what I was dreaming when I awoke, if that's what you're thinking! I remember that! I was voicing my worries over my job to the principal at the school. It was almost a prayer!

But enough about how I remember my dreams when I awaken! Back to my awesome story idea. I'm ready to hash out some characters. I've got the plot, I've got a timeline, I've got a beginning, middle, and end, I just need the characters and their antagonists and the emotion. It's a lot, but that's the fun part!
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